Whole Blood Field Transfusion


This course on whole blood transfusion provides the necessary knowledge, information and protocols for safe and effective whole blood transfusion. This course will be useful for all healthcare professionals and combat medics.

Please note that the use of this knowledge without appropriate training in courses certified by the Ministry of Health is prohibited by Ukrainian law.

The course starts with basic knowledge such as the physiology of hemorrhagic shock, the physiology of the blood system, defining risk and benefit, and risk assessment. The course also covers the concepts of blood requirement, blood collection, blood transfusion, and summarizes the results.

The course was created by THOR - Trauma Hemostasis & Oxygenation Research Network. We thank the THOR network for the creation of this exceptional course and for giving us permission to translate it into Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian version of the course was created thanks to the work of the team tccc.org.ua - Reformation, AUMF та The All-Ukrainian Council of Resuscitation.

The course requires registration, which is free of charge.

Course content

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Need Blood
  3. Get Blood
  4. Give Blood
  5. Training
  6. Conclusion
  7. Implementation of Whole Blood Program Interviews
  8. Resources