Combat Medic

Skill cards

This collection contains the standardized Tactical Combat Casualty Care Combat Medic/Corpsman Course (TCCC CMC) curriculum developed by the Joint Trauma System, part of the Defense Health Agency.  This course is intended to provide basic, intermediate and the advanced trauma skills taught to Combat Medics and Corpsman.    There are several types of learning assets contained in this collection which are arranged by channels. Feel free to make use of these materials for both formal and informal learning. For example, these resources can be used in the following ways:

  • as a stand-alone course or woven into an existing course
  • hip pocket or spontaneous training outside a formal course
  • on the job performance support while in the field 

Trainers should consider referring students to this collection for preview of materials ahead of the course, for use during the course as a training aid, or after the course ends for continuing reference and skills sustainment.

Instructions for Trainers: There are two options for accessing and downloading training materials. Each asset on the channel can be viewed and downloaded individually. Materials are offered in digital and print-ready file formats for local use and reproduction. Select files can also be edited to adapt to your Service and unit-specific needs. 

⚠️ The TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) medical guidelines posted on this site are helpful to all tactical medical care providers. But they DO NOT REPLACE PRACTICAL TRAINING and the getting of the practical skills.

By closing this block, you agree that you are aware of the need to take practical courses in providing medical care during military operations.